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Fall Palette Challenge: The Chosen Few

So, I’ve narrowed down my projects for the Fall Palette Challenge. I’m excited to get started on this; I’ve been thinking about a few of these pieces for a while, and now I’m inspired to get going!

pattern board

  1. Trench Coat: from a vintage Lutterloh pattern, in a light grey water-resistant fabric I picked up at Joann’s on clearance. I’m contemplating painting some stripes with a textile paint from Dharma Trading– I have no idea if this can be pulled off, so I’ve emailed them to see if they can help. The coat will be lined with an eggplant & cream argyle satin.
  2. Peasant Tee Shirt: I’ll be making this in a teal rayon knit from Simplicity 2484, one of my vintage patterns.
  3. Kimono Sleeved Blouse: This blouse should work for me through all seasons (with layering, of course). I’ve already converted Simplicity 9969 into a blouse pattern, and this will be sewn out of a white cotton poplin. I’ll also insert some lace at the shoulders. Depending on how ambitious I’m feeling, I may redraft the front and add a convertible collar.
  4. Pencil Skirt: For this I’ll be using a basic skirt draft that I made during my sewing class last spring. The fabric is a metallic tweed, so it should work for nicer events.
  5. Scallop Waist Skirt: A cut of blue moleskin that’s been in my stash for at least 7 years is finally going to be used! I’m pairing it with a free half-circle skirt pattern from Vivat Veritas.
  6. Swing Dress: I made up a muslin for this during Casey’s Swing Dress Sew-Along, but never sewed up the finished project. I’ll be using an eggplant polyester crepe (not my favorite, but it is in the stash).
Now that I’ve figured all of that out, it’s on to sewing!

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Fall Essentials Sew-Along & Fall Palette Challenge

Whoops! I didn’t intend on joining Me-Made-June ’11 and then not posting a single outfit from the month :/ In all honesty, the month was quite busy, and since I wasn’t set in a pattern of blogging, I simply forgot to keep on top of photographing, posting, etc.

But! I’ve drafted quite a list of sewing and knitting projects that I intend to complete over the fall and winter- just in time to join Colette’s Fall Palette Challenge 2011 and the Fall Essentials Sew-Along!  I’m basically in need of a wardrobe overhaul (many of my clothing pieces have seen better days) so my plan is extensive. My planned projects are:

Fashionable Foundations for Frosty Weather

50s style straight-leg jeans [copied from a well-fitting pair of my jeans]
Silver tweed pencil skirt [personal draft]*
Scallop waist half-circle skirt [from Vivat Veritas]*
40s wide leg jeans [from Simplicity 3688 with alterations]
Black wide leg trousers [from Simplicity 3688]

Chic Chemises for Cool Climates

White kimono sleeved blouse [from Simplicity 9969]*
Peter Pan collared blouse [from Colette’s Sorbetto with alterations]
Teal tee shirt [from Simplicity 2484 view 3]*
Black cardigan [knit from Emerald]
Colorwork cardigan [knit from Drops 116-1]

Fabulous Frocks

Early 60s-style day dress [from Simplicity 2444]
Velvet wiggle dress [from Simplicity 2648]
Swing dress [from Sense & Sensibility]*

Underneath It All

Black petticoat [from Sugardale’s tutorial]
Corselette [personal draft]
Cream silk slip [from Simplicity 9397 with alterations]
Tap Pants [pattern undecided]

Tender Tootsies

Sheer black tights with lace “seam” [to imitate the look of these]
Crystallized black tights [similar to Cynthia Rowley’s]
Eyelet knit socks [from True Love]
Knee-high lace socks [from Bintje]
Knit spats [from Spick and Spats]

Baby It’s Cold Outside

Rain trench coat [from vintage Lutterloh]*
Black & white wool cape [from Fitzpatterns Tonia with alterations]
Bow headband [knit from Dapper]
Mitts [knit from Susie’s Reading Mitts]
Moss-stitch turban [knit from Knit Yourself a Turban]
Beret [knit from Not Another Bulky Beret]
Bow-knot scarf [knit from pattern]

So the total is: 17 sewing projects, 10 knitting projects, and 2 “crafted” projects. Whew! I realize that I probably won’t get most of these finished, but I can dream, can’t I? At least I’m part-way there on a few of them already, so I have a bit of a head start 😉 I’m not even going to think about the pile of alterations that also need to be done…

As for the Fall Palette Challenge, I’ll be using a palette inspired by my stash fabrics:

sources (clockwise from top left): 1 2 3 4 5 6

I’m working on another board right now that illustrates the pieces I’ll be working on during the next 8 weeks. Hopefully I’ll get it up tomorrow. Now I just need to remember my Flickr login so I can officially join the Fall Essentials Sew-Along…

* Indicates a project I’ll be working on during the Fall Palette Challenge.


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Me-Made-June 2011

Well… here I go again, creating an incentive for myself to keep up with blogging (I’ve started a few in the past and fell off the wagon so to speak) as well as sewing.  I’ve signed up for Zoe’s Me-Made-June ’11. Here’s my pledge:

I, Amy of Celluloid Scrapbook, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-June ’11. I endeavour to wear one handmade or refashioned piece of clothing each day for the duration of June 2011.

We’ll see how it goes! Considering the amount of self-stitched clothing I have at this point (read: very little!) the challenge for me will be more along the lines of “can I sew fast enough?” rather than “can/will I actually wear the clothes I sew?”  I’m excited though- if I manage to follow through, my sewing productivity will go through the roof this month.  If you’d like to join the challenge, visit the sign-up page here.

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